Joe Walsh Tab Page

On This page I'm gonna put up tabs for songs that Joe Play in open tunings.


I have done the best I can to figure out how he play this song. I don't say this is it, but it something to start with. If you or anybody else make it closer to what Joe play, Please let me know. It's open D tuning.

Help Me Thru The Night

He play it in open G on the 'You Can't Argue With A Sick Mind' album and with the Eagles on the 'Hell Freezes Over' video. On the So what album he play it in open E with a capo on the first fret. The second part of the intro is dropped on YCAWASM.

Indian Summer

This is the first song I learn to play in open tuning. If you got an 12string guitar tune it in open G and you are as close as you can get.